Bush backs ban

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The US is ready to sign an international agreement renouncing chemical weapons, President Bush said this week. He is also prepared to order destruction of all remaining US stockpiles of the weapons within 10 years of such an agreement being reached. The announcement marks a ‘very important’ shift in US policy, says Elisa Harris, a chemical weapons specialist at the Brookings Institution, an independent research organisation in Washington DC. She says that the two most important objections to signing an international treaty have now been removed. Washington had insisted that it be allowed to keep a small ‘security stockpile’ until all nations had signed a treaty. The US was also out of step with its European allies on the issue of verification, because it had been holding out against statutory inspections. But verification is unlikely to stall the chemical disarmament talks, which resumed in Geneva this week, says Harris. ‘Bush’s announcement will give a real push to the talks and will induce cooperation leading to compromise,