Gaption, the social network where it can literally pay to post

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By Aviva Rutkin This one’s just for kudos (Image: Martin Parr/Magnum Photos) SOCIAL media: it’s the ultimate timewaster. But what if you could earn cash for the hours spent highlighting the posts you like? Gaption is giving it a shot. The app, created by a team based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pays all users a portion of its profits.”The idea is to share success with people,” says co-founder Kenneth Ho. Gaption looks like a cross between Facebook and Instagram: a mixture of photos, short text posts and links to web stories. It also carries ads for products and services offered by users, who may be small business owners, musicians or artists. When they make a sale, Gaption takes a cut and pays some of it to other users who have reshared or liked the relevant ad. To work out how to split the money, its servers crunch the numbers for every post based on an ad: how well connected the poster is, how many people liked or shared the post, and how many clicked through on the ad. Depending on the post, Ho says, Gaption keeps between 50 and 80 per cent of the revenue. Typical users currently earn up to a few dollars per week. Each user has a personal online account from which they can withdraw funds or pay for what other users are advertising for sale. Since its launch in June, Gaption has gained over 20,000 users,